Where To Start?

Want to join the cannabis industry and not sure how?

The Cannabis S.E.E.D. Initiative was developed with with the framework of holding the door open for those who show the willingness to step through. We have created partnerships, programs and platforms ranging from education sessions, to employment pathways, entrepreneurship mentorship, and financing assistance. Our goal is to help each individual each step of the way.

S.E.E.D. as we like to call it is the brain child of Ashley and Michael Athill. The sibling team that co-founded HRVSTR. They have gone through the process. They have cut through the red tape. They are here to lend their hand, their network, and their wealth of knowledge and experience to those who are willing to run with it and make it their own.

Where do you start? It simply starts with you. 

Fill out our form below that will place you in the appropriate stream. You will receive an introductory email up to 48 hours later that will then set up a call with one of our program coordinators to further discuss where you see yourself within the cannabis industry and how to achieve those goals with the tools we can provide.

Image by Terre di Cannabis

Let's Find Your Path.

Allow us to help you and get a head start on your journey.