About S.E.E.D.

Building Infrastructure One Person At A Time

The Cannabis S.E.E.D. Initiative was developed with the framework of holding the door open for those who show the willingness to step through.

S.E.E.D., as we like to call it, is the brainchild of Ashley and Michael Athill, the sibling team that co-founded HRVSTR. Using the expertise gained by having gone through the process ourselves, we have created partnerships, programs and platforms that include education sessions, employment pathways, entrepreneurship mentorship, and financing assistance. Our goal is to help each individual every step of the way.

Where do you start? It simply starts with you.

Please fill out our form below to place you in the appropriate stream. You will then receive an introductory email (up to 48 hours later) to set up a call with one of our program coordinators. This will give us a better understanding of where you see yourself within the cannabis industry and how we can help you use the tools provided to achieve those goals.

We All Have A Right to be a Part Of The Cannabis Industry.


Our Mission

Our mission is to discover and forge pathways of success for BIPOC individuals into the Cannabis Industry. Through partnerships in various spaces including education, employment, and entrepreneurial avenues, S.E.E.D.'s network creates connections and builds infrastructure.

Man with Black Frame Glasses

Our Vision

Our vision to equal the rate of employment, leadership, and ownership in the Cannabis industry with each regional based societal percentages for BIPOC people. We feel that equality of equity within the cannabis space sets the foundation for a stronger community.

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