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Access GRANTed


Some opportunities are created with a greater collective of people in mind. I am so proud to announce that SEED has just been blessed by being named a recipient of the Ontario Cannabis Store's Social Impact Fund. This fund will provide funding for our "Growing Opportunities: Cannabis Workforce Empowerment Program." This will not only help to amplify our voice and what we do, but align our initiative with partners that will open doors for those that need it the most.

SEED Initiative is a not for profit that helps to open doors in the cannabis industry for individuals from marginalized communities. Our focus extends beyond providing access; we strive to empower individuals through education, employment, and entrepreneurship by leveraging their existing skills and forging partnerships that lead to a pathway of success.

Last week our access was granted. This milestone is not just about financial backing; it is a testament to the trust placed in us by the Ontario Cannabis Store. Their belief in our vision and program allows us to amplify our impact, reaching those who are seeking a starting point or simply waiting for a door to swing open. This is the essence of our purpose.

I personally would like to thank the Ontario Cannabis Store and their social responsibility team for their unwavering trust, the incredible opportunity they have provided for us, and most importantly, for contributing to a brighter future for individuals hailing from the same marginalized communities that I come from. The cannabis industry is a better place because of this grant and it will be felt for generations to come.

For more information about the grant and to view the other recipients, please click here.

Michael Athill

Co-Founder | Director

Seed Initiative

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