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Most consumers use cannabis to aid wellness, even if it is purchased recreationally. From decreasing anxiety activating apoptosis in cancerous cells to promoting a more emphatic society, cannabis consciousness continues to unfold worldwide.

The upcoming years of legalization may bring adjustments for some; however, the physical and intangible benefits outweigh the discomfort. Cannabis may bring about pleasant surprises to those who decide to indulge.

This psychoactive plant alters the state of consciousness. When in an altered state, it allows one to analyze different perspectives instead of a limited perception of life. It also initiates the expansion of mindfulness and will enable you to tap into your inner truth. All plants possess energetic frequencies, which can teach a new way of thinking and being.

Plant Medicine can teach us:

  • Oneness

  • Surrender

  • Release

  • Discovering your true essence

  • Inhibition

  • Living in the present moment

  • Communion

  • Promoting Gentleness and Forgiveness

  • Viewing the frailness of boundaries

  • Seeing the illness of control

  • Inspiring creativity

  • Exposing the fear behind ego

Cannabis is highly reactive to purpose and can enhance the truth of an individual's intentions.

If you do not set an intention before you experience cannabis, however it is administered, it will respond to your subconscious's desire. For example, let's say your subconscious fears the loss of its own boundaries. When you decide to indulge, you will not have a euphoric feeling. Instead, you will have the surfacing emotions of fear, anxiety, and self-sabotage.

Cannabis helps to ease resistance. It is perhaps the very best spiritual tool for re-balancing your endocannabinoid system and assisting in releasing the stresses of everyday life. It disables the brain from the thoughts that cause the body to exhibit stress reactions. This is why it is so effective in stress reduction and pain management.

By allowing one to release resistance, an individual can be more connected to their true essence. Interestingly enough, chronic pain sufferers and chronic worriers exhibit similar reactions to stress in the brain. Certain types of pain and worry inhibit positive focus to such a degree that a that an individual can not learn or get out of the downward spiral of negative reality creation. Suppose a person is incapacitated by resistance, which is the case with chronic pain/illness or worry. In that case, cannabis is the best tool to release enough resistance to come back into alignment.

Cannabis should be seen as what it is - a tool. A tool that is not necessary for personal expansion and or spiritual awareness, but should be used to enhance all of life's experiences. So be open, release and enjoy the journey.

- Ashley Athill

- Jan 8, 2018

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